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How a Good Intranet Drives Law Firm Productivity

Being productive can be challenging in a law firm where many legal professionals are working at least part-time from remote locations. Distractions can cause work on cases – where time is money – to be delayed or incomplete and disruptions … Read More

Enabling and Encouraging Employee Collaboration with Infodash

In my previous post, I walked through three features we’ve built into Infodash that help you improve Connection between your firm and its employees – News Feeds, Celebrations and Events.  In this part two of the three-part series focusing on … Read More

Aggregate RSS Feeds Into a Single View Using Infodash

RSS feeds can be a popular way to get visibility into industry news. Historically, SharePoint has supported RSS feeds but there has never been a way to aggregate these feeds and display them in a unified webpart. Today, we will … Read More

Improving Firm Employee Connection with Infodash

In my last post, Top Opportunities for Legal KM in 2022, I presented three areas that knowledge management teams in the legal industry could focus on in order to help their firm thrive & not just survive in 2022.  The … Read More

Sync External Data Using the Infodash API

The Infodash API allows you to connect your Infodash Core application to other line-of-business systems. This can be done in real-time, allowing you to easily render external data within your Intranet. Bringing data direct to users wherever they sit. However, … Read More