Your law firm’s intranet doesn’t need to be a heavy-lift project

Your law firm’s intranet users expect easy access to the information they need to connect and collaborate, and they want it delivered quickly. Unlike intranets of the past, though, a modern high-functioning, fast and user-friendly intranet platform does not need to be a heavy-lift for your IT department. In fact, moving to Microsoft’s SharePoint Online will maximize your firm’s investment in Microsoft 365, and adding a legal-specific platform like Infodash on top will ease the everyday burdens of implementing and maintaining your law firm’s intranet.

Utilize Microsoft SharePoint Online + A Legal-Specific Platform

Like most firms, yours has likely moved to Microsoft 365, which includes SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is cloud-based, highly customizable and offers an improved user experience over its predecessor. It is fully integrated with Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform. It also integrates with Microsoft Graph, which is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365.  The Microsoft Graph is a critical asset needed to build experiences that provide access to rich, people-centric data and insights. 

When you add a tool like Infodash to SharePoint, your firm’s intranet gains native integration with the majority of legal-specific applications like iManage, NetDocs, 3E and more.


Platforms of the past used proprietary languages and tools to render intranet pages within SharePoint.  The challenge was that the skills required to create and edit pages and the content within them was often beyond the skillsets of many content managers, so they leaned on the IT department for help.

Today there are much better ways to manage pages and content that don’t require IT involvement.  SharePoint-based intranet tools operate within the confines of Microsoft’s content management model, eliminating the need for a proprietary approach. Editing a SharePoint page involves simply dragging and dropping assets onto the page.

Enterprise Search

Intranets must enable easy access to information, and search is a key piece of that puzzle.  Enterprise search initiatives used to be highly involved projects for law firm IT departments.  Recently, search platforms have become commoditized with robust offerings from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other players.  Platforms like Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Search offers artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) features out of the box. 

With the addition of Infodash, you can expose the native search capabilities of your document management system via our API.  This reduces the need for third-party solutions to recrawl and index your entire DMS which was a heavy lift in the past.

Infodash’s alignment with the Microsoft Technology Roadmap means your firm will gain the most from its Microsoft 365 investment, and it future proofs your firm’s intranet. SharePoint plus Infodash delivers lighter-weight architecture than intranets of the past, lessens the load on your firm’s IT department, and allows you to offer easy access to the information your firm’s users need most to connect and collaborate.

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