Top Opportunities for Legal KM in 2022

While Knowledge Management has always been important for in the legal industry, the pandemic has unexpectedly highlighted the need in ways many of us didn’t see before.  As we close out 2021 and move into 2022, we want to highlight 3 key opportunity areas for legal industry knowledge management professionals.  This article will outline core areas for Knowledge Management professionals to focus on during 2022 to ensure your firm not only survives, but thrives post-pandemic. 


Keeping Remote Teams Connected 

The pandemic has introduced almost all of us to a new way of working.  Before the pandemic, we could walk the halls and chat with our office neighbors to get the latest and greatest on what’s happening at the firm.  What local events are coming up? Who is celebrating an anniversary?  Who has a birthday coming up?  What is your firm doing in the local community to make a difference?  This close-quartered communication is not as easy now, and not even possible in many cases.  Our teams are connected through their screens and are only plugged in to the happenings that are purposely pushed to them by the firm or through contact from a thoughtful employee. 


Ensuring your team stays connected while working remotely is critical to building and maintaining your firm’s culture.  And investing in ensuring team members feel connected to what is going on at the firm is key to employee retention. 


When firm employees start their day, it’s imperative that they can quickly and easily see what is happening at the firm and how they can get involved.  Imagine your team members grabbing a cup of coffee, opening their laptop, firing up their web browser and on the home page they are instantly greeted with news, events, upcoming celebrations and more, specifically personalized based on their role and location.  This is exactly what Infodash offers.  A digital headquarters that keeps firm employees connected into what’s happening at the firm, and how it impacts and helps them. 


Improving Remote Team Collaboration 

Before the pandemic, we could walk a few doors down to ask a colleague who in the firm has experience and expertise in a specific area.  Many times, figuring out who to go to with specific questions is a time-sensitive matter.  We need to be able to find these resources quickly and engage them for support.  How do your team members do this today, while working remotely?   


The ability to quickly find the right team members with the best experience and expertise to support your specific needs is critical.  Understanding this, Infodash has built out enhanced firm directories that allow you to search user profiles by location, skill sets, practice areas, experience and more.  From within the employee directory, starting a conversation is as easy as clicking on the Microsoft Teams icon.  We have built Infodash to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams so that collaboration is not only easy, but encouraged. 


Enhancing Remote Team Productivity 

The biggest complaints from legal professionals related to their current intranet in 2021 were: 


  1. I’m not sure where to find the information I’m looking for, and  
  1. I’m not sure where to put the information I’ve compiled for others to find 


To keep your attorneys and LPM team members productive, it’s critical to address these common problems during 2022.  Organization and maintenance of firm knowledge capital is critical.  Time spent on searching for insights, data and knowledge is time wasted.   


At Infodash, we ensure your firm knowledge is easy to find and access.  From client and matter specific files to firm insights and industry-relevant knowledge capital, we’ve made it easier than ever to organize and access the knowledge your firm has accumulated over the years.   



The legal industry has many opportunities to leverage the changes that have resulted from the pandemic to not just survive, but grow their business.  A critical component to ensuring this growth is a focus on firm knowledge management.  Staying focused on these three areas: Connection, Collaboration and Productivity in 2022 will help your firm reach new heights. 


Have questions about how Infodash can help your firm improve connection, collaboration and productivity?  Contact us today at or schedule a demo to see Infodash in action at We can’t wait to see your firm thrive in 2022! 

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