A Single Pane of Glass for Your Legal Tech Stack

As the market matures, legal software vendors often stick to their core competencies instead of providing end-to-end solutions. In doing so, they require law firms to cobble together a disparate technology stack which can be inefficient and costly. In order for law firms to effectively run their organizations, they need a single platform that connects, pulls in and presents relevant data from each of these point-solution applications and systems.

With the right legal technology solution, you can simplify and organize your firm around its needs. This results in a culture of collaboration that puts teams in control of their data and processes rather than relying on inefficiencies associated with data sprawl. Navigating the tech world can be a difficult task as firms become bigger and more complex. The key is to understand your team’s goals before implementing a new system.

Every experience an attorney has with your organization should be as seamless as possible. When they do their work, they should be able to consistently aggregate the data they need and act on it quickly. Unfortunately, too many firms overcomplicate the relationship between attorneys and technology. Lawyers have no choice but to work with a number of different technology channels, using applications that were built on divergent technology stacks. The result: attorneys are forced to navigate between dozens of different control panels and isolated systems – all in order to do their jobs effectively.

Here are the two primary benefits to condensing your legal tech stack and providing a “single pane of glass” for your firm:

1.Improved Connectivity and Collaboration: When you have multiple systems, it can be difficult for your team members to connect with each other and share information. When you surface key data from multiple systems & applications into a single platform, team members can easily connect with other colleagues, which improves collaboration and communication across the firm.

2. Better Client Service: As we’ve seen for many of our clients, consolidating the data from disparate systems and applications and providing a single pane of glass into key data results in better client service and improved client satisfaction scores due to increased response times and improved clarity. You will also be able to save money on training costs by reducing the number of applications accessed and used by firm employees and your firm’s clients.

By providing an API that securely connects to your firm’s existing applications and systems, firms will be able to easily tie in important data from their Document Management, HRIS, Financial, CRM systems and more into one single platform. This will allow for real-time data visibility across the entire firm.

Infodash’s framework helps law firms improve their team’s connection, collaboration, and productivity all in one place. We give you the toolset you need to connect to and surface external applications and systems data right inside of our platform. Our API allows you to provide attorneys and LPM team members with a “single pane of glass” for client data, matter data, financial data and more – improving connection, collaboration & productivity across your firm.

Want to see it in action? We can customize a demo to your firm’s specific needs. Request a demo today.

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