Press Release: Infodash Welcomes Amy Monaghan as VP of Client Success and Product Innovation

Infodash, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the legal industry, is pleased to announce the addition of Amy Monaghan to their team as VP of Client Success and Product Innovation. With her diverse experience and proven expertise in the legal industry, Amy will bring valuable contributions to Infodash’s continued growth and success.   

Amy is a creative legal professional with a proven track record of delivering substantial value to organizations. She brings extensive experience engaging with clients to uncover opportunities for enhanced legal service delivery, designing innovative solutions that leverage best in breed and emerging legal technology, and developing processes and programs that ensure long term success for clients.  

Prior to joining Infodash, Amy served as the Director of Client Innovation at Perkins Coie LLP. In this role, she led the firm’s client-focused innovation program, strategically developing and overseeing the execution of client and practice facing innovation initiatives and solutions. Prior to Perkins Coie, Amy was a member of the Chapman and Cutler practice innovation team. Amy’s diverse legal experience, innovation expertise, and forward-thinking approach to client engagement and legal service delivery sets her apart as a leader in the field. Her commitment to excellence and ability to foster collaborative environments will be critical to Infodash’s client success and product innovation strategies.  

At Infodash, Amy will be responsible for building its client success program and lending her expertise as the company continues to build its product capabilities. “Her role is pivotal in our ongoing effort to provide cutting-edge solutions and services to our clients,” -Ted Theodoropoulos, CEO of Infodash. 

“We are excited to welcome Amy to the Infodash team,” says Ted. “Her exceptional skills and dedication to innovation in the legal industry align perfectly with our mission to be the solution for unified collaboration. We look forward to Amy’s contributions and are confident that her leadership will bring great value to our clients and team.” 

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About Infodash: Infodash is a unified intranet and extranet collaboration platform built for law firms to help professionals stay connected with happenings at their firm, collaborate with colleagues, and increase their personal productivity. Built on top of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, Infodash includes features that help law firm professionals work faster, more effectively, and with a greater sense of connection among colleagues who are working remotely. It provides a centralized hub for data and information from other systems and platforms, including financial data, firm directories, calendars, news, client and matter data, and more. For additional information, please email


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