Watch Infodash CEO Ted Theodoropoulos on ILTATV


While at ILTACON in August 2022, Infodash CEO Ted Theodoropoulos sat down with ILTA’s Beth Anne Stuebe for her second episode of ILTACON 2022 ILTA TV.  

Beth Anne has known about Ted for years because of his support of ILTA while involved with Infodash’s parent company, Acrowire. Ted explained to her how his years of experience with Acrowire became the foundation for today’s Infodash product. Beth Anne is a user of SharePoint and works remotely like many workers today, so she was particularly knowledgeable about how important a hard-working intranet can be for a law firm.  

Because most law firms have or will soon be migrating to at least Exchange Online within the Microsoft 365 suite, many will also have to decide whether to move their intranets to these new platforms since their old on-premises intranets won’t likely migrate without significant work. This shift is amounting to a tsunami of interest and opportunity for Infodash, which was evident during ILTACON.  

Beth Anne and Ted chatted about how COVID changed how people work, which has presented a culture challenge for law firms, how the use of Teams has exploded, and how it’s important for law firms to work with vendors with legal experience.  

Beth Anne posed a key question to Ted: How are you guys different? His response:  

  1. Infodash enables content managers without involvement from IT.  
  1. When you deploy Infodash, all the other tools within Microsoft 365 become enabled.  
  1. Infodash is always evolving in alignment with law firm needs.  

Find out more by watching the entire eight-minute video now: 

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