Podcast Episode 18: The Future of Law Firms: Amy Monaghan’s Vision for Innovation

Amy Monaghan

Delve into the heart of legal innovation with our own Amy Monaghan, VP of Client Success and Product Innovation at Infodash, in this captivating episode. Join her on an incredible journey from the art world to pioneering innovation in top-tier law firms nationwide. Uncover how Amy’s diverse background in art, law, and knowledge management has empowered her to revolutionize legal practice with groundbreaking solutions.

During our discussion, Amy provides valuable insights on:

  • Crafting effective success plans for customer engagement in legal tech.
  • Harnessing low code and no code solutions for enhanced efficiency.
  • Aligning technology solutions with law firm business models for sustainable success.
  • Anticipating and addressing challenges in legal innovation initiatives.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to achieve strategic goals.

Key takeaways:

  • Strategic alignment is essential for successful innovation in law firms, ensuring cohesion amidst diverse priorities.
  • Separating legal technology from innovation efforts is crucial to prevent overwhelming innovation initiatives and ensure a balanced focus on the law firm’s business model.
  • Partnering with legal tech startups provides valuable user input for tailored solutions.
  • Creating written success plans fosters collaboration and ensures alignment with client objectives.

About the guest, Amy Monaghan:

Amy is the VP of Client Success and Product Innovation at Infodash, where she collaborates closely with law firms to drive successful adoption of Infodash technology, ensuring it aligns with clients’ strategic goals. With a background in legal innovation and client engagement, Amy brings extensive experience from roles such as Director of Client Innovation at Perkins Coie LLP, where she led innovative programs and solutions for legal services. Her commitment to excellence and collaborative approach make her a key leader in advancing Infodash’s client success and product innovation strategies.

“If partners within firms don’t have innovative people educating them on how they can be a better lawyer with certain technology, they’re not going to know how this can improve the quality of their work.” – Amy Monaghan

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