Podcast Episode 14: Legal Innovation in Europe vs. the US with Andrea Miskolczi

Andrea Miskolczi

In this episode, we delve deep into the truth behind what’s hindering law firms from embracing AI technology. From unexpected barriers to unexplored challenges, we unravel the complexities that shape the future of legal innovation with our guest Andrea Miskolczi, a pioneer at the intersection of legal tech. Join us to learn more about the insights that can transform your approach.

In this episode, Andrea shares insights on how to:

  • Harness the game-changing impact of AI
  • Maximize the power of knowledge management in law firms
  • Effectively embrace legal tech innovation
  • Automate legal document processes with AI
  • Overcome challenges associated with digital transformation in law firms

Key takeaways:

  • London is a pioneering hub for legal innovation, driven by regulatory changes, visionary leadership, and innovative incentive models.
  • The lockstep compensation model in law firms can hinder innovation, as it may not align with the incentives for individual lawyers to invest in innovation.
  • Innovation theater is prevalent in the legal industry, with firms often using innovation initiatives for publicity without tangible results.
  • Organizational design plays a crucial role in fostering innovation, and law firms should consider combining innovation and knowledge teams for better collaboration.
  • The talent gap in AI and machine learning is a significant challenge for law firms, as in-house legal departments often have more resources and expertise in this area.
  • Prompt engineering and training are essential for lawyers to effectively use AI tools like co-pilot and embrace the transformative potential of AI in the legal industry.

About the guest, Andrea Miskolczi:

Andrea Miskolczi, Founder of InterAlia Consulting, is a seasoned leader in legal innovation and transformation. With over 25 years of experience spanning roles at prestigious firms like Linklaters and Dentons, Andrea’s expertise lies at the intersection of law, technology, and strategy. Her multidisciplinary background enables her to offer comprehensive consultancy services, driving change through innovative strategies and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Recognized as a finalist for the ‘Innovative Lawyers’ award by the Financial Times in 2022, Andrea is dedicated to guiding the legal industry towards thriving in the face of evolving challenges.

“Law firms are always looking for something that they can tell a story because they keep saying, like, we are the best, we have the highest quality, we are client-focused, but actually everybody says that.” – Andrea Miskolczi

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