Podcast Episode 21: Implementing Process Improvement in the Legal Industry with Catherine Bernard and Tim Krzywisseau

Catherine Bernard and Tim Krzywisseau

In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos sits down with Catherine Bernard and Tim Krzywisseau from Mayer Brown to explore their contributions to Chapter 13: “Process Improvement and Process Mapping” in Knowledge Management & Innovation – A Manual for Law Firms and Other Legal Services Organizations, published by Practising Law Institute (PLI). They discuss the evolution of legal process improvement (LPI) and knowledge management (KM) at Mayer Brown, with a focus on using design thinking to enhance legal processes. Catherine and Tim also share practical KM tools that streamline litigation and boost efficiency. Tune in to learn how these innovations are reshaping the legal landscape.

In this episode, Catherine and Tim provide insights on:

  • Implementing process improvement techniques in law firms
  • Applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies in litigation
  • Solving real-life legal issues with process and design thinking
  • Curating and organizing data for successful AI implementation
  • Using process maps to improve internal efficiency and client relationships

Key takeaways:

  • Law firms need general roadmaps to guide clients through litigation, even if they are less detailed than in other areas like foreclosures.
  • Informed decision-making in litigation relies on mapping legal processes, underscoring the importance of legal expertise.
  • Creating thorough process maps for legal matters is essential, recognizing the long-term benefits for firm efficiency.
  • Collaboration with knowledge management departments in law firms fosters innovation in legal technology and enhances client services.

About the guests, Catherine Bernard and Tim Krzywisseau:

Catherine is the Knowledge Management Counsel at Mayer Brown LLP, specializing in US Litigation & Dispute Resolution. With vast litigation experience, she advises the practice and engages in pro bono work, serving on the Amica Center for Immigrant Rights board and speaking at industry conferences.

Tim is the Knowledge Operations Manager at Mayer Brown LLP, overseeing knowledge processes and teams. He has experience in global process improvements, consulting, analytics, and project management. Tim holds J.D./MBA, PMP, CBAP, CMI Level 5 certifications, and Lean and Six Sigma Black Belts.

“One point we make in the book is that Lean Six Sigma is just a mechanism for getting from A to Z. They yield tools that you can use to examine and improve processes, and it doesn’t matter what you are trying to improve.” Catherine Bernard

“From my experience, having worked in process and legal, there is often a misconception about the investment and the return that you should expect.” Tim Krzywisseau

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