Podcast Episode 20: SharePoint, Copilot, and AI Disruption in Legal Tech with Chad Ergun

Chad Ergun

In this episode, our guest Chad Ergun and Ted Theodoropoulos dive into the heated debate surrounding the use of Sharepoint as a Document Management System (DMS) in the legal industry. They also explore the pros and cons of utilizing the Microsoft ecosystem, including Teams and Dynamics, for legal document management.

Furthermore, they discuss Copilot’s limitations, the ROI for law firms with enterprise licenses, the impact of AI on legal tasks and mentorship, and the advantages for smaller firms adopting AI. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking conversation on data migration, support, regulatory compliance, and the future of legal technology!

In this episode, Chad shares insights on how to:

  • Maximize ROI through AI-powered tools like Copilot
  • Overcome the implementation challenges of Copilot and generative AI in law firms
  • Incorporate online, real-time training with AI
  • Optimize legal tasks and firm operations with AI automation
  • Build a reputation and brand name through the effective use of technology, which can attract clients to smaller law firms.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the evolving nature of technology tools like Copilot and the challenges it may present in terms of customization and integration with existing systems can help law firms make informed decisions about adopting new software solutions.
    Recognizing the potential impact of AI on the legal industry, especially in terms of document collaboration and reducing internal email exchanges, can lead to more efficient workflows and improved productivity within law firms.
  • Being aware of the pressure from software vendors to align with their systems and the implications of potential disruptions in service can guide law firms in making strategic decisions about technology partnerships and support structures.
  • Acknowledging the importance of reliable support and attention from technology providers, particularly in the context of potential outages or issues, can influence law firms’ choices in selecting partners with direct access to higher levels of technical support and expertise.

About the guest, Chad Ergun:

Chad is a visionary technology leader with over 25 years of experience driving innovation and efficiency across various industries. Currently serving as the CIO at Lewis Roca, Chad specializes in Generative AI, knowledge management, eDiscovery, business intelligence, and practice technologies.

His forward-thinking approach leverages the latest advancements in technology to solve complex problems, enhance organizational efficiency, and foster continuous innovation.

“We’re going to see the best ROI for products like Copilot and Generative AI. Because now you can compete against your much larger competition without spending a fortune.” – Chad Ergun

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