Podcast Episode 23: Transforming Continuous Learning and Knowledge Management with Data-Driven AI

Christian Brown

In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos sits down with Christian Brown, founder of Code & Counsel, PLLC. We discuss the rapid advancements in AI models, the importance of data strategy for law firms, and how AI is revolutionizing legal services. The conversation explores the need for data management and organization for implementing AI tools in law firms, and emphasizes the need for firms to clean up their databases and develop a solid data strategy before adopting AI. Join us for an insightful conversation packed with actionable takeaways to stay ahead in the evolving world of legal tech and AI.

In this episode, Christian shares insights on how to:

  • Organize and structure your data for seamless AI tool integration.
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning with AI in law firms.
  • Support safe and compliant AI experimentation in legal practices.
  • Utilize data management to drive revenue generation.
  • Integrate AI tools smoothly into legal workflows.

Key takeaways:

  • Invest time in understanding AI technologies that streamline processes and provide personalized insights, enabling attorneys to effectively use tools for tasks like content creation and data analysis.
  • Law firms should prioritize developing a robust data strategy before implementing AI tools to ensure these technologies achieve their full potential and offer a substantial return on investment.
  • Embrace innovation by encouraging staff to share the tools they use and explain why, as their insights can lead to valuable solutions like custom GPTs and workflow improvements.
  • Foster a culture of empowerment by allowing employees the freedom to experiment with new technologies and workflows, reassuring them that it’s okay to try new approaches without fear of repercussions.

About the guest, Christian Brown:

A dual-licensed consumer finance litigation attorney turned data analyst and legal engineer, Christian Brown is the founder of Code & Counsel, PLLC.

With over 13 years in practice he most recently served as Managing Director and In-House Counsel for a fintech company in the mortgage space with ~$20B in AUM where he oversaw legal due diligence and asset disposition driven by ML/AI tools designed and developed by him and his team.

Today, Code and Counsel is a specialized law firm and legal service provider focusing on integrating artificial intelligence in legal practices. Christian aids legal tech startups and law firms in harnessing AI to enhance their operations, offering comprehensive legal and technical support from concept to deployment.

“Law firms have never looked at data as an asset, as a cash-flowing asset, and I think very quickly what is clear to me is, as we try to continue to advance these models, we need more data.” Christian Brown

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