Podcast Episode 03: The Story of KM at Ogletree

In this episode, David Boland (Ogletree Deakins) joins Ted for a conversation and shares the different ways that Ogletree defines their KM teams. Dave has led two KM teams at different organizations (Ogletree and Grant Thornton). KM at Ogletree was recently awarded APQC’s Excellence in KM award. The firm is one of eight organizations recognized by APQC this year for Excellence in Knowledge Management. The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) is a global authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management. Ogletree was 1 of 8 to receive the recognition, but 1 of 6 to receive it at the enterprise level (more than 400 companies applied for the recognition). This highlights Dave’s vision, leadership, and commitment to building and leading world-class KM organizations, and helps complete Ogletree’s KM story.

Dave emphasizes that Ogletree’s dedication to specific practice areas allows them to develop stronger client relationships. This enhances knowledge management within the firm because of their main focus on labor and employment. Ted Theodoropoulos reiterates the benefits of working within a specialized field and explains that Infodash is rebranding as a unified collaboration tool, deemphasizing intranet/extranet terminology.

David and Ted talk about the history of Ogletree and Infodash’s partnership. Dave also explains Ogletree’s decision-making process when deciding to build vs. buy, and the importance of trusting the partners that they choose to work with.

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