Podcast Episode 22: Developing a Knowledge Strategy in Law Firms with Elisabeth Cappuyns

Elisabeth Cappuyns

In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos sits down with Elisabeth Cappuyns, Director of Knowledge Management (KM) at DLA Piper (US) and contributor to “Knowledge Management & Innovation – A Manual for Law Firms and Other Legal Services Organizations” by Patrick Dundas and Practising Law Institute (PLI). In Chapter 2, Elisabeth explores conducting a knowledge assessment and developing a knowledge strategy. She shares her journey from corporate lawyer to KM expert, discussing AI’s impact on legal workflows, law firm economics, and access to justice. Elisabeth also reveals how her team leverages AI in the legal field and discusses future trends in legal tech and KM.

In this episode, Elisabeth offers insights on how to:

  • Conduct a data governance assessment for effective KM
  • Use the KM function to bridge practice and technology in law firms
  • Bridge the gap between lawyers, technology, and leadership through KM
  • Navigate the adoption of generative AI tools in law firms
  • Keep up with the rapidly evolving legal landscape

Key takeaways:

  • To successfully develop and implement a KM program, conducting a thorough assessment to understand current needs and align strategies with the organization’s business goals is essential.
  • Maintaining a flexible and dynamic approach to strategy and planning allows for real-time adjustments based on evolving needs, technological advances, and strategic goals.
  • Developing a solid education and training plan is crucial for legal professionals to grasp the full scope of generative AI tools, upholding ethical standards and technical proficiency.
  • Using KM and AI tools in pro bono work can significantly streamline processes and improve access to justice, but addressing tech access gaps is vital for equitable benefits to underserved communities.

About the guest, Elisabeth Cappuyns:

Elisabeth is a seasoned legal professional whose journey has taken her from corporate law practice to the forefront of knowledge management (KM) at DLA Piper (US), a global law firm. With over 15 years of experience practicing corporate law in New York, London, and Abu Dhabi, she transitioned her focus to KM in 2013. As the Director of Knowledge Management, Elisabeth spearheads strategies and programs leveraging cutting-edge technology like GenAI, automation, and data analytics to enhance legal practice and business operations.

“When you say looking two years ahead, that seems like a lifetime at this point because things are moving so quickly. So I think we just need to continue to be intentional about what we’re doing and what the implications are.” – Elisabeth Cappuyns

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