Podcast Episode 08: Transforming Legal Work with AI at McDermott


Ted Theodoropoulos (CEO, Infodash) is joined by Hunter Jackson (Chief Knowledge Officer, McDermott Will & Emery) to discuss McDermott’s use of AI in their knowledge management initiatives. Hunter highlights McDermott’s Form Finder platform, which can swiftly analyze a draft purchase agreement or credit agreement received from opposing counsel, instantly cross-reference it with every previously executed purchase agreement or credit agreement, and, using a similarity score, ascertain whether legal professionals have previously provided comments or engaged in full negotiations for the same type of purchase agreement or credit agreement. They talk about the use cases Form Finder accommodates and the efficiencies it creates, ethical walls, tech stacks that the platform is built on, how AI is leveraged, and more! Hunter explains how and where gen AI is being used at McDermott today, and how law firms can ethically create high-quality, curated datasets to train large language models. McDermott won Tech-Enabled Department of the Year at Legal Week, and the firm is up for an award from the Financial Times.

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