Podcast Episode 27: The Dynamic Role of Research & Knowledge Services in Law Firms with Jill Strand and Leanna Simon

Jill Strand and Leanna Simon

In this episode, we dive into the dynamic world of legal research and technology, exploring how professionals can navigate the ever-evolving landscape to optimize their practice. Our guests, Jill Strand and Leanna Simon, who provided indispensable insights as contributors to the research services chapter of “Knowledge Management & Innovation – A Manual for Law Firms and Other Legal Services Organizations” from the Practising Law Institute (PLI)’s Press, discuss blending traditional and modern approaches. They emphasize ensuring seamless integration of new tools and the strategic importance of cross-departmental collaboration. Tune in to discover how embracing innovation can ensure seamless collaboration and efficiency.

In this episode, Jill and Leanna share insights on how to:

  • Stay updated with new data sources and tools in the legal market
  • Manage and utilize different legal research resources effectively
  • Integrate knowledge management and research services within a law firm
  • Leverage artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in legal practices
  • Handle diverse information requests across various departments in a law firm

Key takeaways:

  • Collaboration and communication within research teams are essential for staying up to date with resources and sharing knowledge.
  • Research services should meet department needs, offering comprehensive support beyond legal research throughout the firm.
  • Integrating knowledge management and research services in a law firm can boost efficiency by centralizing research, promoting collaboration, and optimizing resources.
  • Embracing emerging technologies like AI can streamline processes, enhance research capabilities, and maintain competitiveness in the legal field.

About the guests, Jill and Leanna

Leanna R. Simon, MLIS, CKM, is the Director of Research and Knowledge Management at Honigman LLP, spearheading strategies that enhance organizational knowledge. With over a decade in law librarianship, she’s earned recognition as an Emerging Leader from AALL and PLLIP. Leanna is active in professional associations, holding leadership roles in AALL and the Michigan Association of Law Libraries. A sought-after speaker and prolific writer, she addresses cutting-edge topics like AI in library workflows and contributes to influential publications in her field.

Jill Strand, Director of Research & Knowledge Services at Fish & Richardson, brings extensive experience from roles in law firms and Target Corporation post her M.L.I.S. from Dominican University. Previously, she served as a regional sales manager at Simon & Schuster and holds a B.S. in Journalism from Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial College. Jill, a Fellow and past-president of the Special Libraries Association, shares her insights on information management and KM through articles, book chapters, webinars, and conference presentations.

“Trying to ensure that, in terms of knowledge management, my team understands what we are doing, which is imperative at the firm and in law firms in general.”– Jill Strand

“Given the pace of innovation in resources, not just AI, but in data analytics, features, functionality, it’s a lot more work to keep up with everything.”– Leanna Simon

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