Podcast Episode 09: Structuring KM&I Teams with Meredith Williams-Range


In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos (CEO, Infodash) chats with Meredith Williams-Range (Chief Legal Operations Officer at Gibson Dunn), about various topics related to innovation, knowledge management, leadership, the role of AI in the legal industry, and more. They discuss the challenges of implementing change in law firms, incentivizing innovation and knowledge management, and the skills required for lawyers in the modern era. Meredith speaks about her chapter in ‘Knowledge Management & Innovation: A Manual for Law Firms and Other Legal Services Organizations, Chapter 3: Structuring Knowledge and Innovation Teams. They also touch on the California Bar Association’s guidance on AI and the potential ROI of AI in law firms. In this conversation, Meredith discusses the potential use cases for Co-Pilot and highlights its ability to improve efficiency in document review, contract analysis, and deposition analysis. The conversation also explores the future outlook for Co-Pilot, the need for further testing and refinement, and whether Microsoft has articulated ROI sufficiently.

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