Podcast Episode 07: Maximizing Microsoft Teams for Client/Matter Work


Ted Theodoropoulos (CEO, Infodash) is joined by Myka Hopgood (Sr. Director of Strategic Innovation, Dykema) and Torie Carrillo (Applications Manager, Nelson Mullins). The group discusses why Teams should be used for client/matter work, considerations when deploying Teams, and inviting clients to Teams. They take a deep dive into information architecture and naming conventions, managing client-level dialogue, ethical walls and retention policies, co-authoring, document management integration, and more! Listen to the full episode for tips on how to maximize Microsoft Teams for client/matter work.


  • Microsoft Teams provides a centralized and efficient platform for legal teams to collaborate and reduce email volume.
  • Naming conventions and information architecture should be carefully planned to ensure easy access and organization of client matters.
  • Ethical walls and retention policies are crucial for maintaining data security and compliance.
  • External access in Teams offers a frictionless way for law firms to collaborate with clients, but careful consideration must be given to the security and control of documents.
  • Integration between Teams and document management systems allows for seamless co-authoring and document management within the Teams environment.

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