Podcast Episode 04: The “Why” Behind ChatGD

Ted Theodoropoulos, CEO of Infodash is joined by 2 special guests from Gunderson Dettmer – Joe Green, Chief Innovation Officer, and Naveen Pai, Chief Knowledge Officer. The group discusses Gunderson’s organizational structure, what KM and Innovation means at the firm, and the process for developing Gunderson’s AI chat app, ChatGD. Joe talked through the motivation for developing ChatGD, and how the firm defined and managed the scope of the project. Naveen explained what use cases were the most and least valuable in the process.

Joe explains what ChatGD is, the process of building it in-house, and one of ChatGD’s modes which is retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). Gunderson’s goal is to give their attorneys a resource to be able to understand what this technology is by providing a tool to interact with large language models.

Ted asked Naveen what KM’s role was in the planning, development, and implementation of ChatGD. Joe shares details about the motivation behind creating ChatGD and the steps it took to figure out which path made the most sense for the organization.

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