Podcast Episode 02: KM vs Innovation

Ted Theodoropoulos is joined by Patrick DiDomenico (InspireKM) and David Rueff (Baker Donelson) to discuss the evolution of Innovation in the field of Knowledge Management. The group questioned whether these KM and Innovation teams were fundamentally different or if they were simply rebranded versions of each other, with varying answers from different firms. They also brought up the challenges faced by law firms in adopting new practices and the resistance to change due to skepticism. They also discuss the slow response to change in the legal industry.

The group discusses the similarities and differences between KM and Innovation teams amongst law firms. Are these two functions new processes and roles? Is the work similar or largely the same? The group discusses how the two functions have evolved over the years. Patrick, an expert in KM, shares his feedback and what KM means to him. David shares his definition of Innovation and how Baker Donelson defines it.

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