Podcast Episode 06: Solving for Interoperability Challenges in Legal


In this conversation, Ted Theodoropoulos (CEO of Infodash) and Thomas Barothy (Former Group Legal COO at UBS in Zurich, Switzerland) discuss the challenges of legal interoperability and the need for improved collaboration between in-house legal departments and law firms. They explore the importance of process re-engineering and the sharing of know-how in the legal industry. They also discuss the potential of using collaboration platforms like Teams to facilitate better communication and efficiency. The conversation highlights the need for standardization and a common language in the legal industry to drive better outcomes and create competitive advantages. The conversation explores the resistance in law firms towards change and emphasizes the role of clients in driving transformation. It highlights the importance of demanding change from legal vendors and the need for the legal industry to adapt to the increasing demand for legal services. The conversation concludes with a discussion on future collaboration and the importance of capturing the voice of the customer in improving legal operability.


  • Legal interoperability and collaboration between in-house legal departments and law firms are key challenges in the legal industry.
  • Process re-engineering and the sharing of know-how are crucial for improving efficiency and effectiveness in legal services.
  • Collaboration platforms like Teams can facilitate better communication and streamline workflows in the legal industry.

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