Podcast Episode 28: Advancing Legal Tech in the Age of AI and Collaboration with Vishal Agnihotri

Vishal Agnihotri

In this episode, our guest Vishal Agnihotri delves into the transformative impact of legal technology on law firms, highlighting the necessity of balancing innovation with practicality. The discussion covers the challenges and realities of AI in the legal industry, the importance of collaboration tools, and the decision between building or buying technology solutions. Vishal, who contributed to Chapter 11: Collaboration of “Knowledge Management & Innovation – A Manual for Law Firms and Other Legal Services Organizations” published by the Practising Law Institute (PLI) Press, shares valuable insights. Join us to stay ahead of the curve and enhance your expertise in legal tech and knowledge management.

In this episode, Vishal shares insights on how to:

  • Leverage advancements in legal knowledge management.
  • Understand the evolving roles of innovation in the legal industry.
  • Overcome the challenges of implementing AI and other innovative technologies.
  • Choose between building or buying legal technology solutions.
  • Adapt communication and collaboration strategies to suit modern, hybrid work environments.

Key takeaways:

  • The future of legal collaboration lies in using specialized tools such as OneNote and Microsoft Teams rather than relying on email, as these tools facilitate better communication and organization in a hybrid working environment​​
  • The shift towards hybrid work models necessitates embracing new collaboration tools to accommodate the reality that not all team members will be in the office simultaneously​​.
  • There is an ongoing debate between building custom solutions and buying off-the-shelf products, with significant challenges associated with maintaining custom-built systems in law firms due to resource constraints and rapid technological changes​​.
  • Successful implementation of technology in law firms depends on fostering a collaborative culture and trust among team members, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards common goals​​.

About the guest, Vishal Agnihotri

Vishal Agnihotri is the Senior Director, Knowledge and Innovation at Alston & Bird and prior to this role was the Chief Knowledge Officer at Akerman and at Hinshaw & Culbertson. She oversees Legal Technology Innovation and Research Services at Alston & Bird. Vishal co-leads the firm’s AI Steering Committee and AI Governance sub-committee, and is a member of the firm’s Executive Staff Steering Committee, the Executive Staff Mentoring sub-committee and the professional staff DEI committee.

Vishal has a strong track record as a leader in the design and execution of complex business technology programs that bring digital transformation and innovation to firms, while maximizing the return on their technology investments. As an award-winning practitioner, consultant and senior executive, she has helped Big 4 accounting firms, AmLaw firms and Fortune 500 clients unlock the value of knowledge management in their organizations. She has held several operational, consulting and leadership roles for over 25 years in enterprise Knowledge Management.

“When you don’t have the trust and you don’t have a collaborative spirit bringing the teams together, that can just be a bigger mess than you want to deal with.”– Vishal Agnihotri

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