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Leveraging Extranet Benefits and Capabilities to Streamline Workflows 

The legal industry has always been heavily reliant on secure communication and collaboration between lawyers, clients, and other stakeholders involved in a case. With the rapid advancement of technology, extranet capabilities have emerged as an indispensable tool for achieving these … Read More

Is A Modernized Intranet Really Worth the Price Tag? 

As law firms continue to navigate the digital age, the question of whether a modernized intranet is worth the price tag arises. In today’s world, where technology continues to advance at lightning speed, law firms must prioritize their digital presence … Read More

Globalization Offers Possibilities and Obstacles for Lawyers 

The legal industry is changing. Globalization and technology have made it easier than ever for companies to do business across borders, but they also provide global competitors with new opportunities to undercut local firms. As a result, lawyers need a … Read More