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The Art of Bundling & Unbundling 

This would be their last stop on what had been a long and exhausting roadshow through Europe. Accompanied by Marc Andreesen (Cofounder) and Peter Currie (CFO), Jim Clark, Netscape’s CEO, gave the same old pitch to their final audience of investors in … Read More

Law Firm Productivity

Driving Law Firm Productivity with Infodash

Earlier this year, we started a three-post series on how Infodash can help your law firm improve Connection, Collaboration and Productivity. In the first post, we walked through examples of how firms are Improving Firm Employee Connection with Infodash. In … Read More

Your law firm’s intranet doesn’t need to be a heavy-lift project

Your law firm’s intranet users expect easy access to the information they need to connect and collaborate, and they want it delivered quickly. Unlike intranets of the past, though, a modern high-functioning, fast and user-friendly intranet platform does not need … Read More

summer law firm productivity

The Intranet’s Role in Keeping Law Firm Personnel Connected and Productive in the Busy Summer Months 

With the summer months upon us, dropping COVID-19 numbers, and more people comfortable with travel again, a forecasted 85% of adults in the U.S. are planning to take a vacation between June and September. And even though more people are … Read More

Enabling and Encouraging Employee Collaboration with Infodash

In my previous post, I walked through three features we’ve built into Infodash that help you improve Connection between your firm and its employees – News Feeds, Celebrations and Events.  In this part two of the three-part series focusing on … Read More

Improving Firm Employee Connection with Infodash

In my last post, Top Opportunities for Legal KM in 2022, I presented three areas that knowledge management teams in the legal industry could focus on in order to help their firm thrive & not just survive in 2022.  The … Read More

Top Opportunities for Legal KM in 2022

While Knowledge Management has always been important for in the legal industry, the pandemic has unexpectedly highlighted the need in ways many of us didn’t see before.  As we close out 2021 and move into 2022, we want to highlight … Read More