Your Legal Intranet... Any time, Any Device, Anywhere

9 out of every 10 law firm intranets…

  • Poor User Experience
  • Not Personalized to the User
  • Static/Old Information
  • Poor Search
  • Little to No Value
  • Low Adoption Rate

What’s the problem?

1. Features and Functionality are Limited Out-of-The-Box… That Means A Lot of Custom Development

Historical intranet platforms place IT in the critical path to implement, customize, and maintain UI/UX design, features, personalization, integrations, and reusability.

2. Lack of Personalization to the End User

Every user sees the same information regardless of their office, practice, department, and/or role. This leaves users with little desire to return.

3. Lack of Native, Dynamic, and Hybrid API Legal Tech Integrations

PMS, DMS, HRIS, AD, M365, Financials/PowerBI, Experience Management, Walls, Intake, Timekeeping, among the many other solutions law firms use require custom development and ongoing maintenance by the firm. As a result, firms tend to integrate only with select solutions or databases, and that limits access to information (including search) in the intranet.

4. Technical Bar is Too High for Content Managers or Owners

Content management requires extensive Sharepoint and coding expertise. As such, content creation, content migration, and content ownership suffers. Pages and sites are slow to be implemented. Maintenance falls back on the shoulders of IT.

5. Lack of Reusability

The concept of building once and reusing everywhere doesn’t apply. Every web part, page, integration, and/or custom developed component needs to be rebuilt when used elsewhere within the intranet. This prevents scalability and easy iteration.

What makes Infodash different?

Infodash accelerates the process of building an Intranet seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams and provides you with the flexibility you need to customize and share ever-changing information needs across your firm.  Our core platform provides the features and functionality you need to get started and our custom options make Infodash infinitely scalable and customizable to meet your needs.

Infodash Core Platform

The core Infodash platform provides everything your organization needs to keep your teams connected, collaborative and productive.

Infodash API

The Infodash API gives you the toolset you need to connect to and surface external applications & systems data right inside of Infodash.


Infodash is infinitely scalable and customizable to meet your needs. Our Infodash API let's you connect to the systems you are already using today.

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