Podcast Episode 30: Scaling AI Implementation and Adoption in Law Firms with David Cunningham and Richard Robbins

David Cunningham & Richard Robbins In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos, along with industry experts David Cunningham and Richard Robbins, explores the evolving landscape of AI in the legal sector. They address crucial topics such as talent management, technology decisions, and … Read More

Podcast Episode 29: Communications in Legal: Best Practices, Strategies & Ideas with Nicki Kastellorizios-Lee

Nicki Kastellorizios-Lee Get ready for an enlightening conversation with our guest, Nicki Kastellorizios-Lee. Nicki and Ted explore her background and role at Perkins Coie, her experiences with technology, writing, and podcasting, and the potential of client-facing podcasts and Microsoft Teams … Read More

Legal Innovation Spotlight Live: Everything you need to know about ILTACON 2024

Ted Theodoropoulos, (CEO, Infodash) and Amy Monaghan (VP of Client Success & Product Innovation, Infodash) hosted the first Legal Innovation Spotlight Live event with Joy Heath Rush (CEO, ILTA). Joy, Amy, and Ted discuss all you need to know about … Read More

Harnessing the Power of Intranets for KM in Law Firms

In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, knowledge management and innovation (KM&I) teams are the unsung heroes driving operational excellence in law firms. The surge in remote and hybrid work models has thrown a curveball at legal organizations, challenging them to … Read More

Podcast Episode 28: Advancing Legal Tech in the Age of AI and Collaboration with Vishal Agnihotri

Vishal Agnihotri In this episode, our guest Vishal Agnihotri delves into the transformative impact of legal technology on law firms, highlighting the necessity of balancing innovation with practicality. The discussion covers the challenges and realities of AI in the legal … Read More

Podcast Episode 27: The Dynamic Role of Research & Knowledge Services in Law Firms with Jill Strand and Leanna Simon

Jill Strand and Leanna Simon In this episode, we dive into the dynamic world of legal research and technology, exploring how professionals can navigate the ever-evolving landscape to optimize their practice. Our guests, Jill Strand and Leanna Simon, who provided … Read More

Podcast Episode 26: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Pixel Tracking with Travis Rosen

Travis Rosen In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos sits down with Travis Rosen, Legal Process Engineer at BakerHostetler and a member of the IncuBaker team, the firm’s research and development division. Travis shares his journey from a career in healthcare to … Read More

Tech Landlords and Innovation Tenants: Navigating the Dynamic Relationship Between Law Firm IT and KM&I Teams 

Written by Amy Monaghan I recently heard of the relationship between law firm IT and KM & Innovation teams as akin to a landlord-tenant arrangement. IT serves as the landlord for the infrastructure that houses important KM&I efforts. Historically, law … Read More

Podcast Episode 25: Strategic Tech Adoption in Law Firms with Jon Bartman

Jon Bartman In this episode, Ted Theodoropoulos has an engaging conversation with Jon Bartman, Co-Founder of The Law Tech Consultancy. Jon recounts his transition from a decade-long career in law to becoming a key figure in bringing cutting-edge legal tech … Read More

Create a single pane of glass by coalescing data from different sources with the Infodash API 

In today’s data-rich environment, law firms are often faced with the challenge of managing and making sense of disparate data sources scattered across various systems. The solution? Creating a single pane of glass—a centralized platform that consolidates data from different … Read More