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New Guidance for Profile Photos in SharePoint Online

For nearly 20 years, the SharePoint User Profile Service was the home for Profile photos in SharePoint. Even as we moved to the cloud the process for updating photos remained the same. You essentially had 3 options: Native Synchronization with … Read More

shared channels

Enhance collaboration by working with your clients in real-time using Shared Channels 

Microsoft recently released a new Teams feature called Shared Channels. Shared Channels give organizations the ability to collaborate with external participants directly within the team without the need for tenant switching. In the past, if an organization invited you to … Read More

Infodash updates

Infodash’s Updates Will Improve Content Management

We have just released updates to the Infodash platform that were designed to improve users’ content management experience. The primary goals of Infodash have always been flexibility and ease-of-use, and the changes improve upon both. We want to enable content … Read More

Aggregate RSS Feeds Into a Single View Using Infodash

RSS feeds can be a popular way to get visibility into industry news. Historically, SharePoint has supported RSS feeds but there has never been a way to aggregate these feeds and display them in a unified webpart. Today, we will … Read More

Sync External Data Using the Infodash API

The Infodash API allows you to connect your Infodash Core application to other line-of-business systems. This can be done in real-time, allowing you to easily render external data within your Intranet. Bringing data direct to users wherever they sit. However, … Read More