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What’s Next for Legal Tech in 2024

Let’s dive into the future to reveal some transformative trends that will shape the legal tech landscape in 2024.   Venture Funds and the SaaS Shake-Up In the dynamic landscape of venture capital, here is a forecast: more venture funds, … Read More

LegalTech Lowdown – TLTF 2023

There are at least a few journalists who will provide their thoughts on the TLTF Summit which is great but I want to provide a different perspective. I think it’s important to summarize the event using the lens of a legal tech … Read More

Review of KM&I 2023

This week the first annual KM&I conference took place and I thought I’d take a moment to share some thoughts on the event. When the ArkKM event moved from NYC to Chicago it created a void that Patrick DiDomenico set … Read More

Summary of ILTACON Session 2246: “Making Microsoft Teams Work for the Legal World” 

At ILTACON, I moderated Session 2246, “Making Microsoft Teams Work for the Legal World.” The room Asbury Hall in the Yacht and Boat Club sat about 300 people. We filled just about every seat and had folks standing along 3 … Read More

law firm custom intranet

Should My Law Firm Build a Custom Intranet or Start with Infodash?

Introduction Over the past few months, we’ve met with a few law firms that have been weighing the option of starting with a platform like Infodash or deciding to build a custom intranet on SharePoint Online.  The thought behind going … Read More

Microsoft 365 law firms

Supercharge Microsoft 365 With Your Law Firm’s Line of Business Data

If your law firm has moved or is planning to move to Microsoft 365 you’re probably well aware of the time and energy required to make that transition happen. Migrating to Exchange Online can be a massive project by itself … Read More

Press Release – Infodash Announces New Updates to Intranet Platform

Infodash, the intranet and extranet platform built on SharePoint and Teams specifically for law firms, today announced improvements to their intranet platform that were designed to make it more secure, easier to implement, faster to update, more intuitive to use, … Read More

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Why Working with a Legal-Specific Intranet Vendor Matters

If you’re considering a new intranet, there are a lot of decisions to make. Should we custom build the intranet on our own or with the help of a vendor? Should we leverage an intranet platform to reduce costs and … Read More

Infodash Release Announcement

When we assembled a small team to create Acrowire in 2008 we had a passion for transforming business processes with technology and a vison of defining and owning our niche. That niche ended up being the legal intranet space and … Read More