Legal Tech Insights

The Beginner’s Guide to Application Modernization 

As technology evolves, firms need to keep up with changes in order to stay competitive and efficient. However, many law firms have struggled with implementing application modernization initiatives because of challenges like budgets and staff shortages. But with proper planning … Read More

How Law Firms Can Improve Their Client Experience with Personalization 

Law firms are starting to be at the forefront of technology and innovation in the legal industry. They are continually developing new ways to serve their clients, but there is still more work to be done. The biggest area where … Read More

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Legal Industry  

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in many industries, including legal. The legal industry has been slow to adapt to the ways in which AI can improve their workflows, partly because of the perceived costs associated with implementing AI systems. … Read More

Globalization Offers Possibilities and Obstacles for Lawyers 

The legal industry is changing. Globalization and technology have made it easier than ever for companies to do business across borders, but they also provide global competitors with new opportunities to undercut local firms. As a result, lawyers need a … Read More

Boost Your Firm’s Collaboration With An Intranet Platform 

Law firms have been using technology for many years to better serve their clients. Now, with the development of new software, law firms can improve their services and make them more efficient. In this blog post, we will discuss how … Read More

The Power of Personalized Experiences for Law Firms

Introduction  The world of law has changed, and the same goes for how firms operate. In the past, law firms could get away with not having a personalized organizational structure. That’s no longer the case; clients expect a higher level … Read More

What Your Law Firm Needs to Know About APIs 

An API is a section of software code that enables one program to utilize the features or information of another. A robust API makes it easier for software developers to use the capabilities of one application to create others. Over … Read More

A Single Pane of Glass for Your Legal Tech Stack

As the market matures, legal software vendors often stick to their core competencies instead of providing end-to-end solutions. In doing so, they require law firms to cobble together a disparate technology stack which can be inefficient and costly. In order … Read More

intranet employee engagement

The New Role of Intranets in Employee Retention and Engagement 

High turnover comes with a steep price tag for law firms. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, replacing one employee costs the company six to nine months of that employee’s salary. With expenses up and an uncertain year … Read More

Law Firm Productivity

Driving Law Firm Productivity with Infodash

Earlier this year, we started a three-post series on how Infodash can help your law firm improve Connection, Collaboration and Productivity. In the first post, we walked through examples of how firms are Improving Firm Employee Connection with Infodash. In … Read More