10 Questions to Ask to Determine Your Law Firm Intranet’s ROI

Intranet ROI

With the new year coming and with it a new IT budget and investments, it is time for firms to take a careful look at the benefits they are gaining with those investments. Every law firm goes through an evaluation process to determine ROI when it comes to investing in new technology, and the law firm’s intranet is no exception.

There was a time when having an intranet at law firms was a nice-tohave, not a need-to-have, and so was relegated to the bottom of the IT budget. Today, this is no longer the case. Some form of remote work is here to stay for most firms, so law firms must ensure that employees have easy access to the resources they need to do their job. A highly functioning intranet also helps firms establish and maintain a sense of culture which assists in attracting and retaining talent.

Infodash has a new article available for law firms to use to help determine whether 2023 is the year their intranet will need new investment. For instance:

  • Is your law firm intranet being used and measured? (Hint: It should be!)
  • Is enterprise search integrated with your back-end systems? (Important for productivity)
  • Is your firm using a legal-specific intranet solution? (It matters!)

 Download the article for free now and start evaluating your law firm’s intranet site today.

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