The New Role of Intranets in Employee Retention and Engagement 

intranet employee engagement

High turnover comes with a steep price tag for law firms. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, replacing one employee costs the company six to nine months of that employee’s salary. With expenses up and an uncertain year ahead, it is more important than ever for law firms to retain and engage their current high-performing employees.  

Retaining and engaging your workforce has become challenging over the past few years, with employees working from home, from the office, or a hybrid combination of the two. Fortunately, innovations in technology, and specifically with intranets, are helping to tackle the engagement challenges law firms face.  

Cultivate Connections 

Community plays an important role in employee retention. In the past, connections were formed at water coolers and happy hours. With remote and hybrid work, cultivating connections now can be done – at least in part – via a law firm intranet. With platforms like Infodash, law firms will have collaboration and networking features that facilitate communication and bring people together to share ideas.  

A powerful intranet can help your law firm share events, milestones, successes, recognition, and results. Employees will feel valued and know they have their finger on the pulse of your firm. 

Enable Growth 

Employees want the opportunity to continue to learn, develop, and grow their skills. In the past, training took the form of conferences, lunch & learn meetings, breakfast briefings, etc. In a hybrid work environment, learning and development tools can now be accessed via your firm’s intranet, making it possible for employees to engage in training at a time and place that best works for them.  

Create Culture 

The hybrid work environment is here for now, making it challenging for law firms to define and create the firm’s culture for new employees, and maintain it for existing ones. A powerful intranet offers your employees a centralized location for social networking tools, digital recognition, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication. Polls, surveys, and forums allow employees to have a voice in the firm.  

Creating a positive culture is important to employee happiness, and a happy employee is more productive, efficient, and likely to stay with your firm. 

Creating a compelling experience that keeps employees engaged and aligned with your firm’s mission means adopting new tools that meet the needs of today’s workforce. An engaged employee that feels connected to the firm is much more likely to stay, and your law firm’s intranet can be the force that facilitates that connection. 

Want to learn how Infodash can help your firm create culture, enable growth, and cultivate connections to retain and engage employees? Request a demo now.  

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