How Powerful Enterprise Search Functionality Can Increase Law Firm Productivity 

law firm enterprise search

A law firm’s intranet provides streamlined access to organizational information, firm news and events, employee engagement and operational efficiencies. But is your intranet’s inadequate search functionality negatively impacting employee productivity? Today, the speed to access relevant information is critical for daily operations, especially for knowledge workers who manage sensitive information. 

According to widely available studies conducted over the last ten years, most workers spend 20% to 30% of their day searching for information. That’s a lot of time on menial tasks, when an attorney could be providing more value-added, meaningful work to the client. And for employees who do not bill for their time, the hours spent searching is simply wasted dollars for the firm. It pays to provide employees with convenient access to the information they need to optimally perform daily tasks. 

Employees are used to search experiences like those offered by Google, which seems to know what you’re looking for just by the first word you type. Enterprise search is more sophisticated than online search in that it pulls information from disparate data sources across the firm into the intranet. Users gain a universal view into integrated information from many systems, which gives them insight and information beyond just searching for documents. In addition, enterprise search allows users to quickly find and locate experts with specific skills and prior expertise. 

Enterprise Search with Infodash 

Infodash provides law firms with enterprise search by connecting all important business systems into a single location. Infodash integrates with several technologies to help build a unified search experience. 

  • SharePoint Search – Query data that lives within your SharePoint Online tenant.  
  • Azure Cognitive Search – Use the Infodash API to index content directly into a cloud index. Client, Matter, People/Experience data is a good example of disparate data we can aggregate from on-premise data sources. 
  • Native APIs – Infodash can use the native APIs of iMange and NetDocs to query your DMS in real-time and provide rich search experiences around this data. Features like previews, files trees and native document support can exist right within Infodash.  
  • Internal Systems – Infodash also supports real-time queries to your on-premise data. An example might be a library database or data warehouse. 
  • 3rd Party Tools – Infodash can integrate with 3rd party tools such as BA Insight for enterprise search. 

No matter where your data lives, Infodash can provide a powerful search experience, empowering your users to find content quickly and easily. 

Law firms that can easily locate information from all their key systems will have a more productive workforce and strategic advantage over others. Let us show you Infodash’s enterprise search functionality. Request a demo today.  

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