How a Good Intranet Drives Law Firm Productivity

law firm intranet

Being productive can be challenging in a law firm where many legal professionals are working at least part-time from remote locations. Distractions can cause work on cases – where time is money – to be delayed or incomplete and disruptions to workflow can slow progress. As your firm works to minimize productivity obstacles, the solutions you evaluate must facilitate real-time collaboration.

Collaboration is essential to client service, and it requires access to information and other professionals. Legal professionals need to be able to communicate easily among the team, have access to information and apps, and streamline routine processes.

A good, legal-specific intranet will drive productivity because it helps your firm’s employees:

·       Stay Connected – A good intranet will help your team stay up to date with the happenings at your firm, no matter where they are working. Your intranet should help professionals understand the firm’s performance, know what events are coming up, and communicate with team members.

·       Collaborate on Cases – Your intranet should help team members quickly get answers to questions, store and search content, locate subject-matter experts, manage tasks, share knowledge, and start conversations, no matter where they are seated.

·       Access Integrated Tools – A good intranet that has been designed specifically for law firms will take advantage of your existing investments like Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, and will also integrate law firm tools like iManage, Aderant, Interaction, Saturno, Foundation, SmartSheet and more. This provides a single point of access to all law firm tools.

·       Find Knowledge – Documents, files and access to firm knowledge is in one organized and centralized location that is easy to search.

·       Search – The search feature alone saves a significant amount of time locating information. Legal professionals can search using words or phrases to quickly access documents, people, files and other information.

·       Access from Any Device – With employees working in various location and with different devices, it is important to have mobile access to an intranet so legal professionals can get work done when they want and from any device.  

Intranet platforms allow forward-thinking law firms to harness collective knowledge, enhance communication, and increase collaboration. The return on an investment in an intranet is an increase in productivity that results in increased work product and satisfied clients.


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