Driving Law Firm Productivity with Infodash

Law Firm Productivity

Earlier this year, we started a three-post series on how Infodash can help your law firm improve Connection, Collaboration and Productivity. In the first post, we walked through examples of how firms are Improving Firm Employee Connection with Infodash. In the second post, we discussed how firms are Enabling and Encouraging Employee Collaboration with Infodash. And finally, in this third and final post in the series, we’ll give you examples of how firms are using Infodash to drive firm employee productivity.

Legal intranets can help improve productivity by acting as a single pane of glass for your existing firm systems. The Infodash API allows you to connect and bring in data from your HR, Experience Management, Business Intelligence, DMS, Finance / Practice Management systems and more so that firm employees can see and act on what matters to them. Persona targeting capabilities ensure the data shown to each employee is relevant to their specific role in the firm. Below are a few examples of how Infodash Core and the Infodash API can help improve productivity at your firm.


One goal we had when developing Infodash was to provide a single pane of glass into the systems and applications that already exist in your environment. Infodash integrates with all major legal systems and applications and even custom/in-house developed systems and databases. We’ve worked with firms to integrate data from the following legal systems as an example:

DMS – iManage, NetDocs and Worldox

HR – ADP and Ultipro

Experience Management – Intapp and Foundation

Financial / Practice Management – Aderant Elite and Thomson Reuters 3E

Business Intelligence – PowerBI, Iridium and Tableau

By connecting and pulling in data from these systems using the Infodash API, we can present firm employees with real-time information that matters the most to them. You can check out a list of the major legal systems we integrate with here.

Personal Dashboards

One area you will see when we walk through our Infodash demo is “My View”. Think of My View as a personal home page for your firm employees. Everything within My View is persona targeted so the person visiting the page can see information that matters to them. One tab in our My View demo is Financial Dashboards. Using data from internal financial systems, we create KPI charts and graphs that give the user a quick look into how they are performing from a WIP/AR, YTD Financials and more. Infodash does not attempt to replace your existing BI platforms, but rather it allows you to capture KPIs and link to full reporting suites like PowerBI and Iridium for more detail if desired.

You can also click on these chart slices to bring the user to a more data-driven view:

One thing to note – Infodash does not take over the page. Rather, you can use the Infodash components and embed other system reports (ex: PowerBI reports) side-by-side on the same page. This is just one example of an experience that can be built using Infodash Core components and the Infodash API.

Client / Matter Pages

Using the Infodash Core components and the Infodash API, we can connect multiple existing systems in your environment to present consolidated Client and Matter pages. In our demo environment, our Client/Matter pages bring in data to show the primary billing attorney, primary client contact, client / matter overview information, billing details, matter workspace (from iManage) and more.

The ability to connect and bring in data from multiple systems allows you to create a single place for firm employees to access information about a client or matter.


With Infodash Core components and the Infodash API, there are endless experiences you can build to drive productivity for firm employees. The ability to bring in data from your existing systems into one single pane of glass makes it easy for firm employees to find the information they need and take action. Have questions about Infodash integration capabilities or want to see it for yourself? Click here to schedule a demo today.

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