Becker & Poliakoff Relies on Infodash for an Improved Law Firm Intranet 

law firm intranet

Infodash recently helped Becker & Poliakoff, a mid-size law firm with multiple offices along the East Coast, solve the challenges they were facing with their intranet.  

The first challenge was that the firm’s intranet had been running on SharePoint 2003, which had reached its end-of-life date in April of 2009 and was no longer supported by Microsoft. The functionality was limited. Security had become an issue. And servers to support the application were taking up space. The intranet site had mostly been abandoned by the firm’s employees and was no longer providing value. 

The second challenge was that, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the firm has started offering a hoteling model to allocate workspace in their offices. Staff no longer come in to work every day. The firm needed their intranet to accommodate office space reservations. 

Becker identified the need for a new intranet built on SharePoint Online, which would maximize its investment in Microsoft 365, eliminate the need for servers and offer easy-to-access single sign-on. They initially decided to build in-house, but quickly discovered the team lacked the necessary resources. The firm turned to Infodash for help.  

Infodash is helping Becker facilitate collaboration and connection among team members. Users are now able to search for and find more information about their colleagues than ever before. They can search by name, practice group, office, skill sets, bar admissions and more. They can learn who a fee earner’s assistant is and find birthdays, timekeeper numbers and more. People can get to know each other better, regardless of where they work. 

Using the Infodash platform to find everything in one place – from a laptop, desktop or phone – has proven valuable to the firm’s overall productivity. Single sign-on provides easy access to all firm information.  

Importantly, the firm has solved the security challenges of its old intranet and can now pass the security audits that many clients require. The increased security brings a level of service and reassurance, allowing the firm to retain its valued clients.  

Read the entire case study here, including the firm’s requirements list and feedback from the project’s owner.  

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