Infodash Release Announcement

When we assembled a small team to create Acrowire in 2008 we had a passion for transforming business processes with technology and a vison of defining and owning our niche. That niche ended up being the legal intranet space and we’d like to announce our next step towards owning and adding value in this space. Today we introduce you to Infodash, our latest legal intranet/extranet product, and the future of Acrowire.

Over the last 10+ years of building custom intranets and extranets we have accumulated an enormous amount of expertise and intellectual property. During the journey we were also exposed to the existing solution providers in this space and saw a lot of legacy technology, bloated architectures, and poor customer service. Solving these challenges was the inspiration behind our decision to create Infodash.

Infodash is a SharePoint based, cloud first intranet/extranet platform built using the latest Microsoft technologies and provides seamless Microsoft Teams integration. Infodash is built on standard web technologies like React JS and is built for Microsoft SharePoint’s Modern User Interface. We’ve heard from dozens of our Am Law clients how they have felt locked in by many of their software vendors which is why we decided to make Infodash open source. There will soon be a fully functional open-source version of the platform released to GitHub.

The post- pandemic business environment creates unique challenges for employers. The remote work revolution is fully underway in legal and the industry faces many of the same labor force headwinds as the rest of the world. Employee retention is a top priority for firms but the remote work model makes employees feel further removed from coworkers and firm culture. Infodash helps law firm teams collaborate more efficiently and maintain firm culture regardless of where employees physically sit.

The Infodash platform offers industry and firm news targeted to employees based on practice area and/or geography, new hire and team anniversary announcements, a robust searchable firm directory and deep knowledge management capabilities to ensure firm knowledge isn’t lost when employees transition. Infodash also consolidates customer, matter and financial information into one single pane of glass, providing practice area pages, enhanced enterprise search, financial dashboards and much, much more. We have an affordable licensing model, top tier support and can deploy to your Microsoft 365/Teams environment in a matter of days.

Want to learn more about Infodash and how it can help your firm stay connected, collaborative and more productive? Please reach out and book a demo today to learn more.

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