Behind the Scenes at Infodash: Kelley Reed, Sr. SharePoint Consultant

Infodash employees share exclusive insights and perspectives on their ongoing projects, providing an inside look into the exciting things happening within the organization.

Kelley’s Current Project:

Firm size: 1500+

What Kelley has been working on:

I have been focusing on a few items for this project – the first is implementing translation mechanisms as the firm is multilingual and needs to be able to present content on demand in multiple languages.

Another item I’ve been working on is creating a scaffolding around the architecture of the environment, and planning the page and site layouts where content will live long term. A good solid architecture plan is important because it will allow for growth over time, and allow content management to be easily distributed between content owners and stakeholders.

Kelley’s goals for the project:

My main goal is to assist in making management of and updates to the environment as simple as possible – everything from how to change out news articles as needed, to content placement and layout, to handing off site management as needed as employees transition. This all begins with solid training and a firm architectural foundation.

What challenges/roadblocks have you run into?

As with most projects, time is always a factor and, at times, a challenge. Overall, this is a great group of professionals and communication and collaboration keeps us all on track and cohesive.

Who do you need to collaborate with to finish the project?

Every member of the working group, both on the Infodash and the firm side, has an important role in the project.

Tips and Takeaways:

  • No question is too big or too small. Never assume everything is crystal clear to everyone, and happily clarify any questions as the project proceeds.
  • Clear communication is key. Project objectives, scope, and deliverables should be clearly defined and easy to access. All stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project’s goals.
  • Celebrate the victories, big and small! This helps build team cohesion, boosts team morale, and provides motivation for ongoing success!
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