Press Release – Infodash Announces New Updates to Intranet Platform

Infodash, the intranet and extranet platform built on SharePoint and Teams specifically for law firms, today announced improvements to their intranet platform that were designed to make it more secure, easier to implement, faster to update, more intuitive to use, and more customizable to a firm’s specific needs.

“Our product development roadmap aligns tightly with the Microsoft technology roadmap to ensure we’re always developing a product that will be resilient to future change,” said Adam Young, Chief Operating Officer of Infodash. “We also take specific requests from clients that we feel will greatly benefit other law firms and incorporate those feature sets into Infodash so we’re always meeting and anticipating the needs of current and future clients.”

The product release announced today includes:

  • Bring Your Own Code – Allows firms with technical teams to build and import their own full-stack components into Infodash.
  • Hybrid connections – Allows firms to simply and securely connect to both on-premise and cloud data sources using a secure tunnel, without the need for firewall rules or reverse proxies, in an approved Microsoft method.
  • List forms – Users can quickly and easily access and update list items and submit new items.
  • Two new data connectors – Azure Cognitive Search Connector allows you to index your Infodash data sources into Azure Cognitive Search and use data within any Infodash component. The Smart Sheet Connector displays row data or widgets from your Smart Sheets.
  • Topics – Firms can now display content grouped by topic and category, making it easier for users to find relevant information.
  • Recent documents – Users save time because recent iManage/NetDocuments documents are displayed in line with Office Graph content.
  • Polls – Content owners can create and display poll questions to users and provide real-time results.
  • Drop Zone – Firms can save time by dragging and dropping files into one or more libraries and tag the content with a single click.

Infodash was introduced in early 2022 and has been implemented at more than a dozen AmLaw 100 law firms. Infodash has unique features, developed specifically for the needs of law firms, that help firms quickly implement their intranet, operate it efficiently and easily maintain it into the future. It was developed by legal technology professionals who have experience working with law firms and who understand their unique applications and needs.

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