Infodash’s Updates Will Improve Content Management

Infodash updates

We have just released updates to the Infodash platform that were designed to improve users’ content management experience. The primary goals of Infodash have always been flexibility and ease-of-use, and the changes improve upon both. We want to enable content managers to create powerful experiences using Infodash and make it easy to re-create those experiences across your application.

Introducing Infodash Snippets

Infodash snippets is a central catalog of configurations that allows content owners to easily reuse content across their application. Snippets are reusable bits of configuration that can target web parts, connectors or custom code.

One of the most common tasks of any content manager is the creation of content and pages. Imagine a scenario where you just added an Infodash web part to the page. You wire up all the connectors to your financial system via the Infodash API, select your settings, sort, filters, etc. Before today, this process would need to be repeated any time you wanted to re-use this same configuration on another page. With the Infodash Snippet catalog you can quickly Export/Save your configuration to the catalog. The next time you want to use this configuration you can import it directly from the catalog in a single click.

The best part is that the snippet catalog supports the following export scopes:

  • Entire web parts – Including connectors, configuration, conditional rendering, audiences, etc.
  • Connectors – Save common connector information into your News Hub, Financial System, DMS and more.
  • Formatters – Infodash offers custom formatters for formatting your data before it hits the screen. These small custom code snippets can be exported and re-used with ease.

This feature becomes even more powerful at the start of a project. Creating a catalog of all the firm approved designs, compositions, settings and data, you can quickly spin up sites and move off your on-premise platform with less manual effort.

What’s next for the snippet catalog?

We are excited about this feature and the time it will save content managers. In the future we are planning to release a shared catalog of snippets where our Infodash team will provide you will pre-built configurations and solutions that can be deployed in seconds with minimal effort.

Infodash Cards gets new layouts

Infodash cards is one of the most popular web parts in the catalog, allowing you to create visual representations of data using any of six different card layouts. Today, we are releasing four new layouts to support scenarios presented to use by our customers.


The post view allows you to generate a card that displays information about a blog post or news article.


The document card allows you to display information from any source. Document previews can be shown if the content lives with SharePoint.

Image Cards

Image cards create a visual way to represent content, navigation, and more. Image cards support descriptive text that is displayed on hover.


Video cards allow content managers to embed video directly into a card. Whether the video is in Microsoft Stream, YouTube, Vimeo and more, the video card will render the video thumbnail and allow playback directly within the card.

Data (Upgrade)

Sometimes, you want to create your own content for a card. The Infodash data card was designed specifically for that reason and allows you to define the fields and labels that are displayed. This card view has received some updates to layout and design, allowing the content manager greater flexibility.

Web Part Chrome

Infodash includes web part title bar settings within all our web parts. The title bar gives users key information such as the context of the content and the ability to show a “View More” link and text notifying the user that there is more data on another page. These visual cue helps create a better user experience. Today, we have added the ability to add icons and color to your title bar.

Imagine you are using the cards web part and the new image layout to display news. The title bar can now be updated to display any Fluent UI icon next to the title, making your page more visually appealing.

We can also add colors to our title bar to make featured content stand out.

The Infodash title bar settings allow content managers to specify how the web part chrome will render on screen.  Settings such as expand/collapse, collapse on page load, view more text/link, underline, borders and colors are just a few of the settings available to you when creating your pages.

Infodash API

The Infodash Core API also received some improvements with today’s release.

Upgrade to latest .NET CORE 6.0

The API has been updated to use the latest, most secure version of .NET core.

Azure Key Vault Support

The Infodash Core API now supports the Azure Key Vault as a repository for all its configuration. This allows firms to securely store information about back-end systems required by the API while still allowing administrators and users who might not have access to this information, the ability to manage the service.

With the addition of KeyVault support, your organization can easily rotate keys, passwords and other secure strings with confidence, knowing your application will remain operational and secure. To learn more about the improvements available today and to schedule a demo of Infodash for your organization, fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch.

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