Infodash Launches Customer Portal

customer portal

Infodash is excited to announce the launch of our Infodash Customer Portal site. Infodash client power users earn access to the Infodash Customer Portal once they complete the Infodash Core + API training. Users will find extensive documentation surrounding every out of the box web part, the Infodash Admin Center, the Infodash API and more, giving them the tools they need to build experiences using Infodash. The site also gives Infodash customers access to our Infodash Core and API releases that contain our latest updates and enhancements as well as visibility into our technology roadmap. Want to see what’s next for Infodash? The information will be at your fingertips.

Here are more details about the new Customer Portal:

Extensive Web Part Documentation

Out of the box, Infodash Core provides a toolkit of over 40 web parts for customers to use in building out intranet and extranet experiences for their firm and clients. Within the Infodash Customer Portal, extensive documentation can be found for every web part. Documentation includes guidance around configuration, fields/mapping, layout, web part specific options, visual examples and frequently asked questions for each unique web part.

Infodash Admin Center Training

In the Infodash Admin Center section of the customer portal, power users will learn about global configuration settings for their Infodash installation. This includes general configuration options around styles and themes, search, navigation, integrations, analytics and more. 

Infodash Technology Roadmap

One of the goals in releasing the Infodash Customer Portal was to provide clients with insight around what is coming next on our Infodash Technology Roadmap. The Infodash team releases updates on a regular basis to address bugs, web part optimizations and customer enhancement requests. Clients can navigate to the Roadmap section of the Infodash Customer Portal to see what updates are coming, and when they can expect to get access.

Infodash Release Management

Instead of emailing our clients with new release packages, clients can now navigate to our Releases section of the Infodash Customer Portal to download the latest releases and find instructions on how to install these releases in their environments. Customers are notified when new releases are available and can access and implement these releases on their own timelines.

What’s Next

As you can see, the initial launch of the Infodash Customer Portal will provide a lot of value to our clients. But we’re not finished with the customer portal yet. We are continuously looking to our clients for feedback and suggestions on how to improve the Infodash Customer Portal in order to continue bringing value for our subscribers.

Not an Infodash customer yet, but want to learn more and get a tour of our Infodash Customer Portal? Click here to schedule a demo.

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