Improving Firm Employee Connection with Infodash

In my last post, Top Opportunities for Legal KM in 2022, I presented three areas that knowledge management teams in the legal industry could focus on in order to help their firm thrive & not just survive in 2022.  The three areas presented were Connection, Collaboration and Productivity.  Infodash was developed with these three areas in mind.  Our primary goal is to help firms improve in these three areas, so I’ve decided to write a series of posts to demonstrate the actual functionality that has been built into the Infodash platform that helps knowledge management teams achieve these objectives.

In this first of post of the series, I’m going to focus on the first area – Connection.  As remote work becomes more of the norm across the world, it’s important for firms to embrace the change and leverage the best tools possible to make it easy for remote employees stay connected to what’s happening at the firm.  Remote employees need a digital headquarters, and that’s where Infodash comes in. 

I’m going to jump into our Infodash demo environment and show you a few examples of how the platform was specifically developed to help you keep your firm employees connected and engaged with what’s happening at the firm.

Firm News

Let’s say you are an attorney in the Immigration practice, based out of Charlotte.  You wake up on Monday morning, grab your coffee, make your way to your home office, fire up your firm laptop and open the browser.  Your firm has set your default homepage to the firm intranet.  The first thing you see is a firm news feed.

This news feed seems typical, but a few articles catch your eye.  This news feed isn’t featuring just the latest firm news, but rather, news that matters to you.  With Infodash, this news feed (and just about everything else within Infodash) is targeted to your specific user persona in order to serve up news and announcements that are relevant to your unique role, location and practice area.  For example, you were planning to drop into the office on Wednesday, but see an announcement that the Charlotte office will be undergoing Maintenance this week.  You see this announcement in your featured news because you are based out of Charlotte.

While the homepage highlights featured news and announcements targeted to your specific user persona, you may want to see more general firm news.  To do this, you jump over to the News section of Infodash.  In the News section, you are able to see the latest firm news, or search for specific news based on article title/contents.  You can also use Refiners that allow to filter on a certain type of news (ex: Announcements, Press Releases, etc.), featured articles and articles published within a specified date range.

News is can also be shown on Department, Practice or Office pages.  For example, if you’re interested in Charlotte office specific news, you click on ‘Offices’ > ‘Charlotte’ in the header navigation and you will be brought to the Charlotte Office page and presented with news that is specifically related to the Charlotte Office.

Again, the goal with all of this is to make it quick and easy for firm employees to stay connected to what’s happening at the firm.  Infodash News Feeds achieve this by serving news and announcements that are targeted to specific user personas in order to maximize the value and increase the engagement of employees with the firm.


Another way to encourage firm employees to get and stay connected with what’s happening at the firm is to highlight Celebration events.  These can be employee work anniversaries, birthdays, new hires and more.

When you open your browser and your firm’s intranet pops up, just below the news feed you will see a ‘Celebrations’ section.

Just like News Feeds, the celebrations you see are targeted to your specific user persona – your role, location, practice area, etc.  With this, you are able to see that Lidia Holloway just joined the firm in the Charlotte office.  The Celebration card gives you options to visit Lidia’s user profile page, start a Microsoft Teams chat with her, or send her an email.

Since you won’t be able to make it into the office this week due to office maintenance, you decide to send Lidia a quick message via Microsoft Teams.

With Infodash, we make it easy to keep your employees not only connected with what the firm is doing, but what other team members are doing as well.  Celebrations help employees stay connected with other team members, even while working remotely.


The last feature we will highlight in this first post on improving firm connection is Infodash Events.  How do your firm employees know what events are coming up and how they can get involved?  Infodash Events makes this simple.

So now that you’ve checked out the latest news and celebrations, you scroll down and see the Upcoming Events section on the homepage of your intranet.

From here, you are able to scroll through, register for and share firm events.

The events on the homepage of our demo site can also be user persona targeted.  But for now, let’s say you want to see only local Charlotte office events.  You visit ‘Offices’ > ‘Charlotte’ again and scroll down to see an office-specific listing of events.

Now, maybe you’re not sure if you are available at the time of the event.  So you navigate to the ‘Events’ section from the header navigation.  There, you are presented with a calendar that shows 3 types of events – Firm Events (green), Charlotte Office Events (blue) and Personal Calendar Events (red).  If you only want to see certain event types, for example your personal calendar events only, you click click on the filter icon to do that.  Your personal exchange calendar events are then shown in red on the events calendar.

Let’s say that you want to register for the Charlotte Lunch-N-Learn happening on November 23rd.  You filter your calendar to only show Charlotte events, then click on the event in the calendar.  This brings up the event right inside of Infodash and gives you the ability to see details about the event, who’s attending and allows you to register for the event.

You click the ‘Register’ button and are added to the event attendees list.  The event is also added to your personal Outlook calendar.

Events are a great way to keep firm employees connected, and Infodash makes it easy for firm employees to find, share, and register for these events. 


The examples I walked through above are just a few of the many ways Infodash can help you keep firm employees connected with what is happening at your firm.  If you’d like to learn more about these features and more, please contact us to schedule a demo.

In the next post, we will focus on the next area – Collaboration.  I’ll walk through examples of how Infodash was specifically built to build and improve employee collaboration across your firm.  Stay tuned!

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