The Infodash API: A Comprehensive Guide 

In this guide, you’ll discover how to seamlessly integrate your Infodash Core application with other line-of-business systems using the Infodash API. Experience the power of real-time connectivity as you effortlessly incorporate external data into your intranet. Empower users by placing valuable data directly at their fingertips, no matter where they are located.

What is an API and how does it work?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, acts as a crucial segment of software code facilitating seamless integration between programs, enabling them to leverage each other’s features and information. A robust API streamlines the development process for software developers, allowing them to efficiently harness the capabilities of one application to create others. The past decade has witnessed a rapid proliferation of API usage across businesses, with APIs serving as the gateway to digital operations. Proper management and maintenance of APIs are imperative to ensure an optimal digital experience for corporate stakeholders. 

Recognizing the pivotal role APIs play in fostering interconnected ecosystems, numerous organizations are swiftly embracing an API-centric architecture, potentially unlocking new revenue channels and opportunities for growth. This significance is particularly pronounced in industries like legal tech, where solutions such as Infodash are reshaping the landscape by empowering law firms to access multiple applications and interfaces seamlessly. APIs enhance software interoperability, facilitating the integration of key components of a lawyer’s workflow across different applications. 

For instance, Infodash’s integration with iManage streamlines access to workspaces and documents, allowing users to build customized workspaces without the need for extensive redevelopment. Infodash’s API facilitates the smooth flow of information from existing systems and applications to front-end intranet and extranet pages, offering drag-and-drop simplicity for enhanced usability. Moreover, the Infodash API empowers users to swiftly retrieve business data and utilize tools like Microsoft Flow to create no-code data solutions, enabling the implementation of customized business logic rules and workflow enhancements. 

The Infodash API

Ensuring seamless connectivity to your law firm data is fundamental for a thriving intranet experience. Without it, achieving the desired adoption rates for your intranet becomes a daunting challenge. Developing an API layer for a single data source alone can be labor-intensive, not to mention the complexities involved in establishing connections across multiple applications. 

Enter the Infodash API – a solution fortified by years of expertise in integrating legal-specific systems and catering to diverse customer needs. With Infodash, you gain access to a dynamic and scalable architecture, enabling effortless connections to your Document Management System (DMS) and an array of line-of-business systems, all within a single license framework. Worried about the number of connections required? Fear not, as Infodash ensures connectivity regardless of the data source’s diversity. 

“The Infodash API makes accessing your data quick and easy, allowing you to focus on building rich solutions using the Infodash Core Platform.” – Kameron Berget, Infodash CTO. 

The top things that the Infodash API can do include:

Native integration into your DMS for Search, Workspaces and Recent activity  

From day one, the Infodash API empowers your Document Management System (DMS) with enhanced functionality. Leveraging your native API, your DMS becomes immediately searchable, ensuring swift access to information. Infodash takes this a step further by dynamically fetching matter workspaces and seamlessly rendering them on-screen for users, all while upholding robust security measures and ethical walls. Additionally, Infodash enables the integration of native DMS content with other line-of-business data, such as document authors and matter team members, facilitating seamless collaboration and interaction. Users also benefit from real-time updates with a list of recently accessed content, ensuring they stay informed and productive. This comprehensive suite of features transforms your DMS into a dynamic hub of information, fostering efficiency and collaboration across your organization. 

Real-time Updates and Insights 

Stay informed with real-time updates on recent activity within your DMS. Infodash API provides a comprehensive list of recently accessed content for each logged-in user, ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest developments and changes. Pairing the Infodash API with the Infodash Connection Manager unlocks a realm of possibilities for content managers. These tools streamline data access and presentation, empowering users to leverage over 40 components seamlessly integrated into SharePoint pages or Teams tabs through an intuitive configuration wizard. 

Integration Azure AI Search Index your LOB data 

Effortlessly streamline data indexing by leveraging the Infodash API to seamlessly integrate client and matter data into Azure AI Search. With this integration, users can enrich matter data with additional insights such as people and financials, enhancing the depth and relevance of search results. Once indexed, the newly created data can serve as a connector to the Azure AI/Copilot Studio, facilitating comprehensive data analysis. This streamlined process empowers organizations to unlock valuable insights, improve decision-making, and optimize workflow efficiency. 

Role-based security allows for granular permissions on your SQL data.  

Safeguard your data integrity by implementing role-based access control, enabling precise assignment of permissions to users and groups for accessing specific API endpoints with the Infodash API. Furthermore, leverage ethical wall data to restrict the flow of information leaving the API, ensuring compliance and confidentiality. By employing these security measures, organizations can fortify their data protection strategies, mitigate risks, and uphold regulatory requirements with confidence. 

Access your data where it lives via Hybrid connectivity. 

Data not in the cloud? No problem! Infodash can use Hybrid Connectivity to connect to your data on-premises without having to create advanced firewall rules, all backed by Microsoft’s best-in-class security.  

Create a single pane of glass by coalescing data from different sources.  

Effortlessly consolidate data from various systems by creating multiple connectors and displaying them on a single page with the Infodash API. Harness the power of dynamic variables like URL parameters or user properties to dynamically adjust queries across all connectors, ensuring personalized and relevant data retrieval. This flexibility enables seamless integration of diverse data sources, enhancing user experience and facilitating informed decision-making from a centralized platform. 

Custom PowerAutomate connection allows you to fetch data and use the API directly within workflow 

Leverage the Infodash Notification API to deliver targeted notifications to users through Power Automate workflows. For instance, automated processes like checking user availability or time entry compliance every Monday morning, prompting direct notifications to take necessary actions. Additionally, stay proactive by implementing automated scans for overdue invoices and promptly notify the billing attorney through personalized notifications, ensuring timely resolution of outstanding issues. 

Add Power to Microsoft Viva  

Elevate your employee experience with Microsoft Power Automate and Viva powered by Infodash API. Build and display Viva cards using your data, and seamlessly integrate the Viva Dashboard into Teams, SharePoint, or the mobile app for enhanced collaboration and productivity. 


An API serves as a vital component of software code, facilitating the exchange of features or information between different programs. A robust API streamlines the process for software developers to harness the capabilities of one application in creating others, fostering innovation and efficiency. As businesses increasingly rely on digital interfaces, APIs have become the gateway to enhanced digital experiences for corporate stakeholders. Proper management and maintenance of APIs are essential to ensuring seamless operations in today’s digital landscape. 

Moreover, the Infodash API serves as a gateway to your firm data via other M365 services. Whether it’s leveraging Power Automate for decision-making or synchronizing/aggregating data into SharePoint, the Infodash API seamlessly integrates with M365 applications, facilitated by tight integration with Azure AD. 

With the Infodash API, the journey from concept to solution is expedited, with implementations achievable within days rather than months. Designed for simplicity and fortified by robust security measures, the Infodash API is poised to turbocharge your intranet implementation, providing users with the data they need to foster connection, collaboration, and productivity. 

To learn more about the Infodash API, contact us to schedule a demo!  

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