Why Infodash?

Infodash helps you ensure remote teams stay connected, collaborative and productive.

Keeping remote teams connected can be challenging. Infodash was built to address that challenge. The Infodash intranet platform makes it easier to keep team members up to date on what is happening at your firm. The platform was designed with both intranet administration and end user adoption in mind. By leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, the Infodash platform can be set up in a matter of days & easily managed and administered on an ongoing basis by existing team members.
Keeping Teams Connected

Digital Headquarters

How does your team stay connected with what is going on at your company? Think of Infodash as your company's digital headquarters. Do your employees have a pulse on the company's performance? Do they know what company events are coming up and how they can get involved? Are they aware of how your company is giving back to the community? These are just a few examples where the Infodash intranet platform can help.

Helping Teams Collaborate

Virtual Watercooler

The ability to find the right people at the right time is critical for your team members. While working remote, Infodash can serve as your company's virtual watercooler. The collaboration tools built into Infodash make it easy for your employees to find experts on any topic. Microsoft Teams integration allows your team to reach out and start a conversation.

Improving Team Productivity

All Data in One Place

Our Infodash API helps your teams stay productive by offering a single place where they can find information and data from all of your existing systems. Data from your Finance, DMS, HR, Client / Matter Management and other systems can all be connected into your Infodash environment to provide a single pane of glass for your employees. This reduces time in searching through multiple systems and improves overall firm productivity.

Simplifying content management & administration

Reducing Reliance on 3rd Parties

Unlike other intranet platform providers, Infodash was not built using proprietary code languages. While we are always available to provide support, our goal is to help you get Infodash set up, then provide your internal team with the training and the tools you need to keep your intranet up to date and optimized with less reliance on 3rd parties.

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